Why Do Emotions In Marketing Matter?

In this class: content regarding marketing, consumer behavior, purchase decision, increase sales, and conversion rate.
British accent / sotaque britânico.

Vocabulary list:

– well kept secret: segredo bem mantido
– conversion: conversão 
– in fact: na verdade, na realidade
– prospect: cliente potencial 
– make decision: tomar decisão
– pain: dor 
– the challenges they are going through: os desafios que eles estão enfrentando 
– desired outcomes: resultados desejados
– self-esteem: autoestima 
– peace of mind: paz de espírito
– whenever it comes to sales: sempre que se trata de vendas
– stand out: se destacar
– crowded market: mercado lotado, concorrido
– resonate: fazer com que alguém se identifique com algo (learn more: https://businessfluency.com.br/como-dizer-identificar-em-ingles/)

Now, watch the video:

We recommend you watch the video at least twice.

In the first time, pay attention to the use of the vocabulary presented above.

Before playing it for the second time, take a look at the questions below. After watching it, try to answer them correctly. 

1. According to Talia, what’s the most important thing in marketing? 
a. machine learning
b. AI
c. emotion 
d. all of the above
2. Emotion marketing can be used in which industries? 
a. Entertainment, toy and sportswear. 
b. Insurance.
c. Car.
d. All the industries. 
3. Which type of purchase is driven by emotion? 
a. Personal purchases.
b. When we are buying for other people. 
c. When we are buying for the company. 
d. All types of purchases.

Check the answers at the bottom of the page. 

Practice Your Listening Comprehension and Writing

What are the emotions that the customers of your company feel when they make a purchase decision? (Try to think about this even if you don’t work in marketing.)
If you are not working at the moment, tell us about the emotions that you were feeling when you subscribed to Business Fluency. 

10 respostas para “Why Do Emotions In Marketing Matter?”

  1. In my company, purchase decision should be a brain method, but of course that the past performance on track helps us to be the first one in terms of customer choice.
    The triangle – Price, Quality and delivery time only take in place if our performance products are in very good shape compare to ours competitors, otherwise the customers go and search other solutions.
    Emotion really matter, because companies does not talk to another companies. People talk to another people and any misundertanding could be a big problem and in the end of the day the purchase decision is postponed or even worse, you lose the sale.

  2. Above to the Emotions buying something, it is also the Experience lived to buy it. And marketing contributes on create that.
    Ho and Augusto, always fantastic readings . Thanks

    1. Interesting point, Katia!

      – More than the emotions when buying something, the experience someone goes through when buying it also matters.
      – contributes to

  3. Apple has been using emotions very well to make purchase decisions. You can see in their sales campaigns they highlight the cool things that can be done with their devices.

  4. In my opinion, the customers are buying reliable and high-quality products that are the reference on it. When we think about products used to make money, reliability is the synonym of money.

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