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American Accent / sotaque americano


Vocabulary list: important words and expressions for the video

  • Perks: a special advantage or benefit, in addition to the money you're paid, that you're given because of your job - Benefício.
  • A.K.A: also known as - também conhecido como. Example: This is Google's Headquarters, AKA, Googleplex, a giant funhouse.
  • Endless: unlimited - infindável/ilimitado/sem fim. Example: At Googleplex, the perks are endless.
  • Grow their own food: plantar/cultivar a própria comida.
  • It's all on the house: paid by or courtesy of the merchant or establishment - é por conta da casa!
  • A six-pack: when you workout a lot and get your abdominal muscles defined - abdômen definido/"tanquinho".
  • Basement: a part of a building/house consisting of rooms that are below the ground level - subsolo/porão (é muito comum casas americanas terem um subsolo com sala/quartos e os donos alugarem para outras pessoas morarem).
  • Run some errands: to go out to buy or do something - realizar tarefas (do dia-a-dia pessoal). Example: if employees at Google need to run some errands during the day, they can borrow an electric Toyota Prius and go.
  • The wheels (slang): automobile/car - no vídeo será utilizado o termo "wheels" como gíria (slang), significando o carro em sí. Porém nos sentido formal, "wheel" pode ser roda ou volante.

Now, watch the video:

We recommend you watch the video at least twice.

In the first time, pay attention to the use of the vocabulary presented above.

Before playing it for the second time, take a look at the questions below. After watching it, try to answer them correctly. 

Now, answer the questions:

1. Where is Googleplex located:
(a) Motor Hill
(b) San Francisco
(c) Mountain View
(d) Zurich, Switzerland

2. Which of the perks below is NOT offered by Google according to the video?
(a) massage
(b) free meals
(c) personal trainers
(d) childcare 

3. How many building comprise the Googleplex campus
(a) 16
(b) 6
(c) 60
(d) 1

4. When do Googlers get a free massage?
(a) on their birthdays
(b) when they want to get rub down
(c) whenever they schedule it
(d) once in a while

5. What is considered a tradition from Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin?
(a) bouncing around on a physio ball
(b) using rollerblades in the office
(c) sleeping at the office
(d) doing their laundry in the office

6. How does the narrator refer to Zurich’s office?
(a) the craziest office
(b) the most international workplace
(c) victorian library
(d) the most expensive office

Check the answers at the bottom of the page.

Join the Discussion

Would you like to work at Google? What do you think are the pros and cons of this kind of work environment and structure?

33 respostas para “Googleplex”

  1. Hi Augusto, it is possible to activate the closed caption option inside the video (it is the button right after the minutes indicator).

    These subtitles are generated automatically, so they are not 100% accurate. In this video I’d say it is around 90% accurate, but it is helpful.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      In my opinion there are two main reasons:

      1. the good reason: this kind of environment stimulates creativity and these perks help to retain their talented employees.
      2. With all these perks people tend to spend a lot of time in the office and get completely immersed in the company. This is related to your second question: even though Google don’t disclose how many hours their employees work, probably it is much more than the “usual” 8 hours.

      Thank you for your contribution!

  2. 1. Where is Googleplex located:
    (a) Motor Hill
    2. Which of the perks below is NOT offered by Google according to the video?
    (d) childcare
    3. How many building comprise the Googleplex campus?
    (a) 16
    4. When do Googlers get a free massage?
    (a) on their birthdays
    5. What is considered a tradition from Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin?
    (d) doing their laundry in the office
    6. How does the narrator refer to Zurich’s office?
    (a) the craziest office

    1. Hi Ricardo,

      All answers are correct, except:
      1. Mountain View (“This is Google, in Mountain View, California”).
      6. The most international workplace (“and the most international workplace has got be: Zurich, Switzerland”).


    1. Hi Thiago,

      These perks are definitely very expensive.

      The selection process at Google is very interesting since they analyse deeply if you fit in their corporate culture.

    1. Hi Marcos,

      First of all, welcome to the platform!

      It is a fantastic workplace indeed.

      When you say “I’ve got the munchies” for example, it means that you’re feeling hungry.

      Another use is: “We need a few munchies”, which in Portuguese would be similar to “precisamos de alguma coisa para beliscar – um aperitivo, por exemplo”.

    1. Exactly, Anita.

      As they mentioned in the video: the perks are out of this world, around the world. I’ve visited their office in Sao Paulo and it is quite cool as well.

  3. The Google is one of the rare and extraordinary companies that really cares about their employees, this kind of company is not found easily. Having great perks and autonomy would be the dream of the most of the people. Google also provides a meritocracy policy.
    Hail the Google king 😉

  4. On the other hand, my office obligates people to work 8 hours per day in front of a computer and doesn’t provide neither water for us. Yes, we have to pay for it.

    1. That’s complicated, Barbara.
      Companies will have to realize that when they provide a nice work environment and at least some minimum perks, productivity also tends to increase.

  5. I work for a company that cares about employees and the work environment. They provide us: coffee, fruits, a lounge place with TV and even a videogame. Of course, that is not the same as Google but I´m very happy to be part of a company concerned with employees as we spend more time inside the company instead of our house.

  6. That’s amazing!
    The perks are out of this world but I think that have a big trend of companies worry about the health and welfare of the employees, especially about to give a good work environment, because people value more and more this issues and can change to company that give more perks and life quality. Even though that employees probably work more than the traditional 8 hours, if they are more happy and pleased, the feeling of overload is lighter.

    1. Hello, Francielli,

      Yes, the perks are amazing, right?

      Just a few points:
      – I think that THERE IS a big trend… (please watch this class for more details:

      – of companies THAT worry…

      – about giving… (please watch this class for more details:

      – these issues (we use “these” as it refers to a plural noun: issues)

      – can change to a company that gives

      – even though employees (“that” is not necessary)

      – if they are happier (please watch this class for more details:

  7. I would like to work at Google and I think the pros to work at Google is the perks and the culture, maybe the cons is the time you spend there working.

  8. Absolutely, Marilia.
    They give all the perks so the employees work longer hours, right?

    – the pros OF WORKING
    – are the perks and culture

  9. 1- (c) Mountain View
    2- (d) childcare
    3-(a) 16
    4-(a) on their birthdays
    5-(d) doing their laundry in the office
    6-(b) the most international workplace

  10. Hello Everyone,

    This video is awesome, google is a dream for all of us, there are many perks, free food, and other perks, I´d like to work there, lol, anyway I´ll go back to the reality, lol,


    1. That’s true Matheus, I love this video, it is amazing the amount of perks that they have (even though, they probably work long hours).

  11. Hi Augusto / Ho

    In this class isn´t possible to mark the bottom “Mark as complete”? I didn´t see it, can you help me with this question, pls?


  12. Google seems a great company to work at. Nevertheless, I feel smothered imagining many activities that I can use to shut down my workday occurring at my workplace and it could increase my sense that it’s not possible to separate my personal and professional life.

    1. In fact, I believe that it happens a lot in this kind of work environment, Maria.

      It is very nice to have a workplace like this, but people tend to spend long hours there.

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