Become a great strategic thinker

In this class: content regarding general strategy, strategic thinker, strategic thinking.
American accent / sotaque americano.

Vocabulary list:

– where the world is heading: para onde o mundo está indo, caminhando
– pattern recognition: reconhecimento de padrões 
– tradeoff: troca (learn more here: https://businessfluency.com.br/trade-off/)
– timeframe: cronograma para algo acontecer
– take place: acontecer 
– on a continual basis: de forma contínua
– analytic view: visão analítica
– move on: seguir em frente
– daunting: assustador, intimidador
– at the top of my list: no topo da minha lista
– put aside: deixar de lado, ignorar

Now, watch the video:

We recommend you watch the video at least twice.

In the first time, pay attention to the use of the vocabulary presented above.

Before playing it for the second time, take a look at the questions below. After watching it, try to answer them correctly. 

1. What is thinking strategically according to Bremmer? 
a. It’s thinking about thinking. 
b. It’s thinking about the headlines.
c. It’s not thinking about where the world is heading. 
d. All of the above
2. What does Bremmer say about revisiting our worldview? 
a. People should stick with their worldview for at least 5 years.
b. People are wrong if they revisit their worldview constantly. 
c. People should revisit their worldview on a continual basis. 
d. Strategic people shouldn’t revisit their worldview. 
3. Which alternative is NOT a key quality of great strategic thinkers? 
a. They are curious and open. 
b. They admit it when they are wrong. 
c. They respect worldviews that are different from their own. 
d. They surround themselves with people who have similar points of view. 

Check the answers at the bottom of the page. 

Practice Your Listening Comprehension and Writing

Do you consider yourself a good strategic thinker based on the criteria mentioned by Bremmer? What can you do to be even better? 

18 respostas para “Become a great strategic thinker”

  1. Hi all,

    I am a good strategic thinker, because all the time I am thinking in the future on a continue basis, it´s extremely import for us, if we don´t have this idea our future can be affected in the next years or who knows in the next months, because the things around the world are changing quicly, therefore, we need to have this in mind.


    1. Absolutely, Matheus. It makes total sense.

      – thinking about the future
      – on a continual basis
      – quickly

  2. Hello
    I consider myself a good strategic thinker but I need to put aside my ego to recognize when I am wrong instead of trying to convice the other part.

  3. Hello Ho and Augusto,

    after a long period of time, I’m back…

    In my point of view, I’m a strategic thinker, for sure the probability that I’m wrong is bigger than I suposed in my mind, but that’s is one of characteristics of strategic thinker.
    I believe that I have revisit my worldview even more to become a great strategic thinker.

    1. Hello, José Augusto!
      It’s great to have you back. 🙂
      I’m glad to know that you’re a strategic thinker.

      – I suppose
      – that’s one of the characteristics of a strategic thinker
      – I have to revisit…

  4. I believe that I’m a good strategic thinker because I always liked to analyzes everything before take a decision or giving my opinion about some issue. Furthermore I think it’s important to be surrounded of other people who think different from us and create an environment where we could have a great trade-offs and could revisit our worldview on a continual basis.

    1. Good job, Maria Fernanda! Congratulations for being a great strategic thinker.

      – I always liked to analyze…
      – before making a decision…
      – surrounded by people who think differently…
      – where we could exchange ideas and revisit…

  5. Hello! I think I am in a recurring development to become a strategic thinker. I work in a sector and in a company that requires me to be a strategic thinker and I agree with the points which were mentioned in the video. In my work I have contact with people from all parts around the world and it allows me to have contact with different worldviews, opinions and ways to handle with the same activities all the time, and in my opinion the result of that is always positive. Another interesting point is that one of my company’s directive is “embrace different” so that we breath all those concepts daily. Good video, I liked it so much, thank you!

    1. Hello, Debora! I’m glad to know that you like this video. 🙂
      And it’s great to see that you are a strategic thinker! Congratulations.

      – continual development
      – handle the same…
      – one of my company’s directives…

  6. Hi Ho!
    I’m a strategic thinker, I’m always revisiting my worldview and looking for new strategies and challenges. Another thing that is interesting, conversating and exchanging ideas with many different people is a great habit to be a strategic thinker and I do often.

    1. That’s excellent, João Pedro!! Congratulations.

      – talking and exchanging ideas…
      – and I do it often.

  7. Fantastic article, fantastic author describing current subject in a corporate way. Great reading article.

  8. Hi Ho

    According to Bremmer criterias I could say that I consider myself as a good strategic thinker based on two points: being curious, it´s just stronger than me…I always ask “why”.
    Admitting be wrong is the second one, it gives me a kind of freedom feeling because when you do that nowadays, it seems that some people tend to be more helpfull and comprehensive. In another hand, my perfectionism still blame me when I make a mistake in English.
    It´s like a snow ball once I avoid putting myself on these situations so I don´t get anything wrong.
    As Bremmer mentioned, it´s a daily combat with our own brain turn dauting activities in pleasure and easy ones.

    1. Hello, Luciana.
      Oh, don’t let your perfectionism blame you when you make mistakes in English.
      Remember that you’re in a learning process and mistakes are inherent to all learning processes. Be kinder to yourself, allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them!

      This is crucial to help you develop. 🙂

      – Bremmer’s criteria (“criteria” is a plural noun)
      – Admitting when I am wrong
      – helpful and understanding (please watch: https://businessfluency.com.br/video-classes/como-dizer-compreensivo-em-ingles/)
      – On the other hand
      – still blames
      – in these situations
      – to turn daunting activities into pleasant and easy ones.

  9. Being a strategic thinker is about to respect other’s opinion and point of view.

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