Apple Launches High-Yield Savings Account

In this class: content regarding strategy, finance, banking.
American accent / sotaque americano.

Vocabulary list:

– high-yield: alto rendimento
– savings account: conta poupança
– straightforward: simples, direto  
– APY (annual percentage yield): rendimento anual (em termos percentuais)
– per the FDIC: de acordo com FDIC (FDIC é o equivalente americano ao FGC do Brasil)
– vaunted: aplaudido, elogiado (de forma exagerada)
– it comes down to: se resume a (no sentido de ser o fator principal para algo)
– shuttered: (passado de shutter): fechar (um negócio, uma atividade)
– unsurpassed: insuperável
– unsteady: instável 
– arguably: provavelmente, possivelmente 

Now, watch the video:

We recommend you watch the video at least twice.

In the first time, pay attention to the use of the vocabulary presented above.

Before playing it for the second time, take a look at the questions below. After watching it, try to answer them correctly. 

1. What’s the yield of Apple’s new savings account? 
a. 4.15% per month.
b. 4.15% per quarter.
c. 4.15% per semester. 
d. 4.15% per year. 
2. What is NOT true regarding Apple’s savings account? 
a. It is managed by Goldman Sachs. 
b. It also offers loans to customers.
c. It’s only for Apple Card customers. 
d. It offers 4.15% APY. 
3. According to Garfinkle, why is Goldman Sachs doing this? 
a. Goldman Sachs owns a high stake of Apple, so it’s a logical move. 
b. Goldman Sachs wants to offer loans to consumers again. 
c. Goldman Sachs wants to increase its share in consumer facing areas. 
d. Goldman Sachs has a role in the unsteady banking industry. 

Check the answers at the bottom of the page. 

Practice Your Listening Comprehension and Writing

What do you think of this move by Apple? If you lived in the USA (this account is only available in the USA), would you put your money there? 

4 respostas para “Apple launches high-yield savings account with 4.15% rate”

  1. Hi folks.

    That’s amazing how the company must think in the other ways to survive. Nowadays Apple is not anymore only technology company. Of course they use their core business, but they start working in the other markets. Imagine, the most banks of US don’t pay anything when you leave the money in saving accounts, and now, Apple has arrived this market paying 4,15% per year. I don’t know, but I guess that a lot of banks didn’t like this and I am sure will be a treat for them.

    1. Absolutely, Fabian!
      All the markets are becoming more and more competitive nowadays, forcing companies to think outside the box.

      – It’s amazing…
      – Apple is not only a technology company anymore.
      – they started
      – most banks (“the” is not used here)
      – I am sure it will be…

  2. Hi ho!
    I think this movement is significant to increase the number of consumers that uses the Apple payment method and increase directly the sales of gadgets in her ecosystem.

    If I was living in the USA while Apple is applying this strategy I wouldn’t use it because I don’t use any of Apple’s services by the way.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion, João Pedro!

      – of consumers that use
      – in its ecosystem (as it refers to “Apple”)
      – If I were (when we are talking about imaginary situations, we use “If I were”)

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