Como dizer EM CIMA DO MURO em inglês?

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14 respostas para “EM CIMA DO MURO em inglês”

  1. Use the expression “on the fence” to describe someone who is undecided or unsure about a particular situation or decision.
    – My boss is on the fence about project prioritization rules. I’m trying to convince his that when everything is a priority, nothing is a priority..

  2. In our professional life we need to make important decisions in order to have great results, that’s why we shouldn’t have be on the fence.

  3. I am not on the fence about what kind of investment I will make.

    I am on the face about the better strategy to create for developing this new product in our market.

  4. Hi folks.

    – All decision makers need to have an opinion about investing or not in the team. They can’t on the fence in this case.

    – The new CEO still on the fence about replacing or not the Marketing Director.

    – She didn’t decide yet, if move to São Paulo or not. She is on the fence because her parents live in Rio de Janeiro and she wouldn’t like leaving them alone.

    1. Great job, Fabian!

      – They can’t be on the fence…
      – The new CEO is still…
      – She hasn’t decided whether to move to São Paulo or not.

  5. Great Class!

    I am on the fence about investing in cryptocurrencies. I dont feel safe to do this.
    A good leader shoudn´t be on the fence by much time. He or She must make a decision as soon as possible because time is money!

  6. I am on the fence about which path I should invest in first. I have dreams in both my professional and academic lives, but I am indecisive about which strategies I should pursue in the near future.

    1. Hello Veronica!!

      Well, I really hope you can make up your mind on which path to follow, Veronica!

      Great job! See ya!

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