Significado de Ad Hoc

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24 respostas para “Significado de Ad Hoc”

  1. We should think of something ad hoc to solve the problem with the server since all the other alternatives to fix it didn’t work.

    1. Hello, Fran,

      In this case, it is better to use another word or write it in a different way:
      We should think of something specific to solve the problem…
      We should find a permanent solution for the server since…

      Ad hoc is not quite appropriate here.

  2. I started a job on an ad hoc performance project, but I know that It´s a good opportunity to show my skills
    You have to respect the time and the circumstances, it´s only an ad hoc situation

  3. My boss always invite us to contribute at some ad hoc challenges, since our department is a solving-problem specialist.

  4. It’s not something you have to do on a daily basis. you’ll only working on it ad hoc basis.

    When you study English in an ad hoc basis you can’t improve so much, because you need to be consistent.

  5. Hi Ho and Augusto. How are you?

    Sandra is really ponctual everyday. If she has not come yet is because she has an ad-hoc appointement.

    Our IT team solved on an ad-hoc problem in our general manager’s home with IT installation.

    Thomas has a lot knowledge of Supplier chains but he is in other department. But he is an ad-hoc employee to figure out how to solve some problems.

    1. Hello, Nancy!
      Good job.

      – punctual
      – it is because
      – appointment
      – solved an (“on” is not necessary)
      – has a lot of knowledge (OR knows a lot about)
      – supply chains
      – in another department

  6. Sometimes i work on an ad hoc basis to assist new projects at the company.

    You can be required to support your manager with taking ad hoc decisions.

    1. That’s great, Charlene!
      Success in your new job.

      – ad hoc HR KPIs OR an ad hoc HR KPI
      if it is a singular noun KPI, you need “an”
      if it is a plural noun KPIs, then you don’t need “an”

  7. Hi Guys.
    * After close the project we need an ad hoc meeting for divulgate the results.
    * He making great decision and stopped doing the maintenance before the crisis.

  8. Hello!

    – In order to get the customers feedbacks, we can run an adhoc survey.
    – We do not have a regular procedure when KPIs deviates from the target. When it happens we usually make analysis on a adhoc basis.

  9. Revisao da semana, por gentileza corrigir

    We working from Monday to Friday, but if you need help on weekends , we can attend ad hoc.

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