Como falo "colocar algo em dia" em inglês?

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35 respostas para “Como dizer COLOCAR ALGO EM DIA em inglês”

  1. The last few weeks I was literally so busy with a project and moving to a new city that I didn’t have time to study. I’ll catch up over the next days.

  2. May I say: My boss had been traveling for a long period, and he is catching up on his e-mails today. He won’t be able to attend the evening meeting with the staff.

    1. Hello, Valquiria!

      Yes, just one point:
      – My boss has been traveling (use “has” and not “had”, because “had been traveling” is past perfect continuous, used to talk about actions or events which started before a particular time in the past and were still in progress up to that time in the past).

  3. Hello!

    Since this month I was moving to the new country, now I need to catch up on my English studies 🙂
    And true story: this weekend by boss went on vacation, so he will need to catch up on a lot of e-mails and work when he is back.

  4. I have been constantly working over weekends, I have catch up tasks to do and a delivery times so tight.

    I really need to talk my leader about it

    1. Hello, Virginia!

      Absolutely, it’s very important to talk to your leader about this, as it shouldn’t be a norm to work over weekends.

      – I have to catch up on a lot of tasks and the deadlines are so tight.
      – talk to my leader

  5. I know companies that hold people on meetings all over the day that as consequence there is no time left to people catch up on work.

    Catchp up on personal goals helps to make sure you are taking over your own life.

    1. Hello, André.
      This is terrible, right? And some meetings are a huge waste of time. 🙂

      – and as a consequence
      – for people to catch up
      – Catching up

  6. I’ve been working more than expected, so I need to catch up on English classes.
    Because of this work overload, I haven’t seem my friends for a long time, so I’ll probably need to catch up on their news.

  7. Hello,

    – I was travelling last week so I have to catch up on my studies now.

    – The team was in a training about the new system all day long and tomorrow they will have to catch up on their e-mails.

  8. I need to catch up on my LLM classes! I’m so addicted on “Business Fluency” classes I forgot those ones!

  9. Hey, I wish I could stay on, but I need to get going now. We have a lot of ‘catching up’ to do, though’. Call me tomorrow and we’ll meet somewhere, Ok?

  10. Hi Ho and Augusto. How is going on?

    My previous job it was normal to catch up seniors and juniors to talk and get some advices from them. It was up to 30 min conversation.

    My last vacation I had a lot of to catch up on my emails because I wasn’t read and I didn’t see anything from my trip.

    John has a lot of working to do because he was away after his period in the hospital. He has a lot of to catch up on his emails and customer to visit. He is a busy guy for while.

    1. Good job, Nancy!

      – In my previous job
      – normal to gather seniors and juniors
      – some advice
      – When I returned from my last vacation…
      – a lot of emails to catch up on
      – I wasn’t reading and I didn’t see anything when I was travelling.
      – What do you mean by “He is a busy guy for while.”?

  11. Hello!

    – I could not attend all the meetings of the day, therefore I need to catch up on the latest information with my team.
    – I’ll be away of the office for a month. When I get back I’ll need to catch up on the most urgent matters.

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