Budget: usos, verbos e expressões

Uma das palavras mais utilizadas no mundo corporativo. Aprenda diversos usos nesta aula.

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11 respostas para “Budget – uso, verbos e expressões”

    1. Very good, Gabrielle!

      Just one thing: if you are from another department, and the HR approves your budget, then it should be “from the HR department yet”.

      But if you are a leader that manages several departments and one of them is the HR, then yes, it should be “for the HR department yet”.

      Just be careful with the preposition as it can change the meaning of your sentence!

  1. I knew just one meaning for “budget”. The list verbs will be very helpful.
    This course was not factored into by budget but I am happy with this investment.

    1. Hello Mabel!
      I’m glad to hear that the list of verbs will be helpful!
      And I’m even happier to hear that you are happy with this investment! 🙂 🙂

      Just one thing: …was not factored into MY budget – I believe it was a typo 😉

      Take care, Ho

  2. Hi Ho and Augusto. How are you?

    My budget for petty cash is 50 dollar less. I don’t know why the financial department did it but I will talk to them.

    The office budgeted for next year 50 k to new furniture.

    The volunteer job has always on a tight budget. They are the third sector and they need money from other resources.

    I went over budget with my trip to New Zealand.

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