Termos e Siglas para Comparar Períodos ao Falar de Resultados, KPIs:

Aprenda expressões como: month over month, month on month, quarter over quarter, quarter on quarter, year over year, year on year, full year, year to date

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9 respostas para “Termos e Siglas  para Comparar Períodos ao Falar de Resultados, KPIs”

    1. hehehe excellent, Francielli!

      – using them (and not “it” because you are talking about “these acronyms”)

  1. Hi folks.

    Very interesting, Ho.

    The last company I worked the fiscal year was a little bit different as you said with your examples such as: Microsoft and Apple. The fiscal year started in July and sometimes was a little weird to the other people understand. When we presented the outcomes, always we needed to explain before.

    For me, was amazing this class because I am used to using only YTD and I didn’t know how I could use to compare the current month with the same month, but the last year. Now I learned and I need to use YoY. “The company increased a 45% in March year over year.”

    1. Hello, Fabian
      I know what you mean. It can be strange to see fiscal years that don’t follow the calendar year. At first I also got quite confused.

      I’m happy to know that you like this class. 🙂

      – sometimes it was a little weird for other people to understand
      – When we presented the results (when we are talking about the numbers of a company, we always use “result”)
      – we always needed
      – For me, this class was amazing…
      – The company ______ (revenue, profit, cost…) increased 45%…

  2. Revisão semanal, poderiam corrigir por favor:

    Our company has hiring new joiners 10% month over month. This is a great news, because for one year we have been increasing constantly.
    We have good news, in Q3 we have results about audit tests, and we are effectively in all internal controls .

    1. Hi Cris!

      Practice leads to perfection, so, keep it up! 🙂

      Please find my corrections below:

      – The first sentence is a bit weird, Cris! Could you please rephrase it? Anyway, I would correct the sentence by saying “Our company hired 10% more employees month over month” – the term joiners sounds strange, in this case!
      – this is great news
      – “we have been increasing constantly”- if you say increasing, you need to mention what is being increased – the salary, the number of employees, etc, ok?
      – and we effectively comply with all the internal controls
      That’s it! See ya!

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